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Daily Specials for Monday August 25 2014

Soup 1: Creamy Chicken w/Wild Rice
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Soup 2: Potato bacon
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Soup 3: Chili Cubano Vegan/GF
Click here to buy Soup 3

Soup 4: Veggy Pasole. Vegan/gf
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Soup 5: Veggie Beef & Barley
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Soup 6: Sold out
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Breakfast Special:

Bagel with cream cheese, avocado and roasted red peppers

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Lunch Special: Tuna salad sandwich with tomatoes, pepperjack, pepperoncinis and mayo.
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Coffee Special: Iced blackberry latte. Organic espresso, organic milk, natural blackberry syrup- served over ice!
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Tea Special: New Zealand Sunnyslopes
Click here to buy Ice Tea Special